Central Registration
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410 Bear Country Boulevard

Warner Robins, Georgia 31088
(off Hwy 96, next to Houston County High)

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday     
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Phone : (478) 741-3610

 (478) 987-8025 (Fax - for parent use)

(478) 987-8015 (Fax - for school use)


Central Registration is open to conduct business for the 2020-21 school year. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, please make an appointment under Step 1 below and complete Step 2 before your appointment. To minimize the number of people in the building at one time, we ask that just the person registering the student come inside for the appointment. If you need to do a change of address, please click on the Learn More button in the new address block below on the left for more information.
Links for More Information

New Address?

It is necessary for you to complete a change of address form anytime you move to a new home. Please click the learn more link below for more information and the forms you need.

Learn more

Current Address not yours?

If you do not have a lease agreement or current mortgage statement in your or your spouse's name, you will need to complete an affidavit of residence along with the person you reside with. Please click the learn more link below for more information and the forms you need.

Learn more

Student Enrollment (Kindergarten - Grade 12)

All new students (Kindergarten through 12th grade) and those transferring within our district will need to visit our Central Registration office to enroll your child in school.  Our goal in having one location for student enrollment is to improve customer service by expediting the process, ensuring consistency across all 38 schools, and making it more convenient for those with children in more than one school. It is a requirement that the parent go to Central Registration in order to complete the registration process, even if you have completed the online application.

Registration Info
Step One
Pleaseclick the cloud link above to make an appointment for new Pre-K through 12th graders that have moved into Houston County for the upcoming school year. Appointments open one week at a time every Thursday at 4 pm. We will open them more frequently during peak registration times.
Step Two

Parents of new or returning students to Houston County Schools will need to complete the online application by clicking on the cloud link above before the scheduled appointment at Central Registration. You will be able to upload your documents from home into the online application as well.

If you do not have access to the online registration, please arrive for your appointment at least 20 minutes early so you can use our computers to complete the application. The more students you have to register, the longer the application will take to complete. Please note if you have not done your online application and it is more than 20 minutes after your scheduled appointment time when you finish, you may be rescheduled for another time.

**Please note this cannot be completed using a cell phone or tablet**


Please bring all the items listed below to Central Registration to your appointment in order to successfully register your child.

1.  Parent/Guardian Photo ID
     (for example: work ID, passport, driver's license)

2.  Child's certified birth certificate

3.  Custody Orders/Court Papers/Guardianship- if the child does not live with natural parents

4.  All students new to the county or transferring schools within the county need to provide                               a disconnect notice from the previous address (Georgia residents only)

5.  Two proofs of residency
        - Lease or Current Mortgage statement (coupon book; closing papers if just purchased)
          PLUS ONE of the following:

        - Utility bill (electric, water, or cable bill - for service within the last 30 days OR connect order if just                    moved in)
        - Property tax statement or income tax statement (current year)
        - Automobile registration or insurance policy (current year/month)
        - Mail from any government agency (within 30 days)

6.  Social Security Card (or signed waiver per O.C.G.A. 20-2-150)

7.  Ear, Eye, and Dental Screening, Georgia Form 3300 - 30 days from date of registration (available from a         GA licensed doctor or the Health Department)

8.  Immunization Certificate, Georgia Form 3231- at enrollment (available from a GA licensed doctor or the           Health Department)

9.  Withdrawal form and/or last report card, if transferring from another school system