Addressing the Board

The Houston County Board of Education welcomes visitors and will hear any citizen and/or employee of the school district pursuant to the guidelines outlined in Board Policy BCBD.  Board members will listen to comments without engaging in dialogue.  Any request will be considered with a written response provided when necessary.

Procedures for Speaking Before the Board

  • Any person desiring to be on the Board agenda must submit a request to the Superintendent’s office at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  The links for online submission and the form are available below.
  • Any materials the speaker desires the Board to receive related to his/her remarks shall be given to the Superintendent or his designee for distribution to the Board.
  • Items which are excluded from the Open Meetings Act will not be discussed in public during open session.  This includes matters such as real estate, individual student discipline cases and personnel items.  You may request to address the Board in Executive Session (Student, Personnel, Attorney/Client, or Land Matter ONLY).
  • A speaker shall be allowed five (5) minutes for presentation, but when an issue is going to be addressed by several speakers, this time shall be limited to three (3) minutes.  When several persons are part of the same group or organization, only one may be heard.

Rules When Appearing Before the Board

  • State your name and address.
  • All remarks shall be made to the Board Chairman.
  • No person shall be allowed to make obscene, derogatory or slanderous remarks when addressing the Board.
  • No person shall be allowed to disrupt or interfere with procedures.
  • Questions from the Board members and/or Superintendent may be asked for clarification; however, no person shall be permitted to enter into any discussion either directly or through any member of the Board.
  • The Board will listen, but the speaker will get no official response at the time he/she addresses the Board.  Any person willfully violating these rules may be prohibited from appearing before the Board for up to sixty (60) days.
You may fill out an online form to address the board or you may download the form and fax it to the central office.
Fax to 478-218-7522 or mail to 1100 Main Street, Perry GA 31069


For more information, contact the Superintendent’s office at   (478) 988-6257.