Miller Elementary

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School History

Property Purchased: 1956

Facility Constructed: 1956

School Mascot: Rockets

School Colors: Navy, orange, and white
Miller Elementary School

School Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to produce students that excel academically, technically, socially and emotionally.

Our vision is to produce students to be globally competitive.


School Facts

  • The School is named after Thomas Miller, former Houston County Commissioner.

School Awards

  • 1990: Georgia School of Excellence
  • 2009: Title I Distinguished School and made adequate yearly progress for seven consecutive years.

School Principal History

  • 1957-1964: George Riley Hunt
  • 1964-1985: Charlie Harper
  • 1985-1988: Thomas W. Lamberth
  • 1998-2002: Dale Rackley
  • 2002-2014: Gwen Pearson-Kilgore
  • 2014-2023: Elizabeth Johnson
  • 2023-Current: Dana Brock

Completed School Improvement and Renovations

  • 2023: HVAC Upgrades and School Renovation