David Perdue Elementary

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School History

Property Purchased: 1988

Facility Constructed: 1993

School Mascot: Bulldogs

School Colors: Red, Black, and White
David Perdue Elementary

School Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a community of responsible, life-long learners.

Our vision is to ensure personal and academic growth for ALL.


School Facts

  • The school is named after David A. Perdue, former Houston County School District Superintendent.
  • The media center is named after former board member Billy P. Edenfield.
  • When the school opened in 1993, the enrollment was 659 students.  By 1998, the enrollment passed 1,200 students.
  • From 1993-1994, the school served grades K-5.  In 1994, the school added Pre-K.  In 2014, the school served only 3-5 grade students and Pre-K through second grade were moved to the new David Perdue Primary School.

School Awards

  • 2005: Georgia School Bell Award

School Principal History

  • 1993-1999: Kim Schoening
  • 1999-2006: Erin Wood
  • 2006-2011: Ed Weeks
  • 2011-2014: Shawn Carpenter
  • 2014-Current: Andy Payne

Completed School Improvements and Renovations

  • 1996: 8 Classroom Addition
  • 1998: Street Lights Addition
  • 2022: Parking and Drive Improvements
  • 2023: Parking Addition and Jerry Barker Road Project