Superintendents: Past and Present

Charles M. Neel
Bryant W. Brown
Thomas J. Carter
B.A. Hudson
David M. Brown
William Francis Killen
W.B. Dew
Edward Shelley Wellons
George W. Smith
Frank M. Greene
Millard C. Moseley
Rev. Wade Hampton Lord
Houston P. Houser
Walter Bower Evans
Seabie W. Hickson
Frank M. Greene
Seabie W. Hickson
Lewis W. Tabor
David Alfred Perdue
Matthew C. Arthur
Dr. Harold Chapman
Tony Hinnant
Dr. Charles Holloway
Danny Carpenter
David Carpenter
Dr. Robin Hines
Dr. Mark Scott

Information based on Board meeting minutes and the Houston Home Journal archives.

Special Notes:

  • September 14, 1911 - State law changed the titles of the State School Commissioner to State School Superintendent of Schools and County School Commissioner to County Superintendent of Schools.
  • January 7, 1925 - Peach County was created on January 7, 1925.  Prior to this date, Fort Valley was part of Houston County and had members elected to the board. 
  • January 1997 - Superintendent of Schools were elected by the people prior to January 1997, when school boards began hiring the superintendent.  Prior to 1997, boards only appointed superintendents when someone resigned or died during their term of office.  

Boards of Education in the past were not elected, but instead appointed by a Grand Jury.