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Our goal is to have a safe, positive, informative online presence. Comments on this page by community members are the author’s opinion and do not represent our district. We abide by Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and ask that our Facebook fans do the same. In particular, please do not:

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In summary, the district reserves the right to remove comments containing profanity, inappropriate content and/or disparaging remarks about individuals or our schools. Furthermore, we reserve the right, but are not obligated, to remove comments that contain commercial solicitations; are factually erroneous/libelous; are off-topic; or that otherwise violate Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Our district, like Facebook, encourages all users to utilize the "Report" links to report abusive posts.

We appreciate your help in creating a safe and engaging online community!

District Facebook Pages

Houston County School District - @HoustonCountySD

HCBOE Fine Arts - @HCSSFineArts

HCBOE Gifted & Talented Education - @HCSSGifted

Houston County School Nutrition Program - @HCSNutrition

School Facebook Pages

Bonaire Elementary - @BESWildcats

Bonaire Primary- @BPSBobcats

CB Watson Primary - @CBWatsonWarriors

Centerville Elementary - @CESMustangs

David Perdue Elementary - @DPESBulldogs

David Perdue Primary - @DPPSPandas

Eagle Springs Elementary - @ESESEagles

Hilltop Elementary - @HilltopElementaryHawks

Kings Chapel Elementary - @KCESCougars

Lake Joy Elementary - @LJESLions

Lake Joy Primary - @LJPSLions

Langston Road Elementary – @LangstonRoadElementary

Langston Road Primary - @LRPSColts

Matt Arthur Elementary - @MAESKnights

Miller Elementary - @MillerElementaryRockets

Morningside Elementary - @MSESPanthers

Northside Elementary – @NESFalcons

Parkwood Elementary - @PWESEagles

Pearl Stephens Elementary - @PSESWarriors

Quail Run Elementary – @QRESistheBest

Russell Elementary - @RESPatriots

Shirley Hills Elementary - @SHESMustangs

Tucker Elementary - @TuckerElemenTigers

Westside Elementary – @WESWildcats

Bonaire Middle - @BMSJaguars

Feagin Mill Middle - @FMMSWolves

Huntington Middle - @HuntingtonHawks

Mossy Creek Middle - @MCMSGators

Northside Middle – @NMSJets

Perry Middle - @PerryMiddleSchoolPanthers

Thomson Middle – @TMSTigers

Warner Robins Middle - @WRWarriors


Houston County High - @HCHSBearDown

Northside High - @NorthsideHighEagles

Perry High - @PerryHighSchoolPanthers

Veterans High – @VHSWarhawks

Warner Robins High - @WarnerRobinsHighSchool

Houston County Career Academy - @HCCareerAcademy

Houston County WIN Academy - @HCWINAcademy

District Twitter Pages

Houston County Fine Arts - @HCSSFineArts

Houston County Gifted & Talented - @HCSSGifted

Houston County School Nutrition Program - @HoustonSNP

Houston County School District - @HoustonCountySD

School Twitter Pages

Bonaire Elementary - @BonaireWildcats

Bonaire Primary - @BPSBobcats

CB Watson Primary - @61WatsonWarriors 

Centerville Elementary - @CESMustangs

David Perdue Elementary – @DPESBulldogs

Hilltop Elementary - @Hilltop_Soar

Kings Chapel Elementary - @KingsChapelElem

Matt Arthur Elementary - @MattarthurHCBE

Morningside Elementary - @MorningsideHCBE

Westside Elementary - @WestsideHCBE

Bonaire Middle - @BMSJaguars

Perry Middle - @Perry_Middle

Thomson Middle - @TheBigTMS

Warner Robins Middle - @WRMiddleSchool


Houston County High - @HCHSBearDown

Northside High - @Northside_Eagle

Perry High - @Perry_Panthers

Veterans High – @Veterans_High

Warner Robins High - @WarnerRobinsHS

District Instagram Pages

Houston County Fine Arts - @HCSSFineArts

Houston County Gifted & Talented - @HCSSGifted

Houston County School District - @HoustonCountySD

Houston County School Nutrition Program - @HCSNutrition

School Instagram Pages

Bonaire Elementary - @BonaireWildcats

Bonaire Primary - @bpsbobcats

Centerville Elementary - @CESMustangs

David Perdue Elementary - @DPESBulldogs

David Perdue Primary - @DPPSPandaSchool

Hilltop Elementary - @HilltopElemHawks

Langston Road Elementary - @LangstonRoadElementary

Matt Arthur Elementary - @MattArthurHCBE

Pearl Stephens Elementary - @PSESWarriors 

Quail Run Elementary - @QRESistheBest

Westside Elementary - @WestsideHCBE

Feagin Mill Middle - @FMMS_Wolves

Huntington Middle - @HuntingtonHawks

Northside Middle - @Northside_Middle

Perry Middle - @PerryMiddlePanthers

Warner Robins Middle - @WRMiddleSchool


Houston County High - @HCHSBearDown

Northside High - @northside_eagles

Veterans High - @Veterans_High

Warner Robins High - @warner_robins_high_school

District & School YouTube Accounts

District LinkedIn Page