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Meal Benefits Application

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Q. Why should I fill out the Application for Free or Reduced Price Meals

A. Income guidelines are updated annually. The only way to know if you qualify for benefits is to fill out the application. It is also used in determining other sources of funding for your children’s schools. Additionally, various companies and organizations may offer discounts to families who qualify.


Q. My child attends a CEP School. Should I still fill out an application.

A. No. Regulations regarding CEP do not allow us to process an application for a student in a CEP school. However, if you have other students who attend non CEP schools, you should fill out an application and include all household members. 


Q. Do I need to fill out an application every year?

A. Yes. As income guidelines change yearly, benefit statuses only carry over 30 days into a new school year. After that date, without a new application, you will be responsible for any meal charges incurred. 


Q. Can I fill out a paper application?

A. Absolutely. However, due to the time it takes for these to be processed, the quickest way to ensure your application is seen is online. 


Q. My household income has changed, do I fill out a new application?

A. Yes, we encourage anyone who has lost a job, has a decrease in wages, or other change in circumstances to fill out a new application with this information.


Q. Who do I include on my application? 

A. Every member of your household may be listed, including young children not yet enrolled in school, as well as additional people living in your home. If this number changes, please fill out a new application.



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