Congratulations Retirees

Congratulations to all of our 2023-2024 Houston County School District retirees listed below!

All retirees who have confirmed their attendance for the 2024 Retirement Banquet are shown with an asterisk at the end of their name.  
To be included in this year’s Retirement Banquet, staff members must have met with Human Resources by April 10. Updated list as of 4/26/2024.

Dyron Adams, Northside High School*
Charles Anthony, Perry High School
Brenda Arnett, District & School Effectiveness
Mary Ayers, Northside High School
Aimee Bagwell, Warner Robins Middle School*
Robert Barringer, Transportation*
Delmarie Bentley, Pearl Stephens Elementary School*
Mae Beulah, Veterans High School*
Sandra Botley, Parkwood Elementary School*
Sue Brackett, Transportation*
Dawn Bray, Huntington Middle School*
Liz Brechin-Harrison, Perry Middle School*
Christie Brown, Langston Road Primary School*
Yvette Brown, Westside Elementary School*
Lynn Buck, David Perdue Elementary School*
Russell Bugg, Northside Middle School*
Joyce Campbell, Tucker Elementary School*
Dr. Zabrina Cannady, Student Services*
Marla Ceniza, Northside Elementary School*
Charlene Chapman, Hilltop Elementary School*
Sabrina Choney, Warner Robins High School
Lea Cilbrith, C.B. Watson Primary School
Laurie Coggins, Bonaire Middle School
Denise Coyle, Hilltop Elementary School*
Brenda Curtis, Matt Arthur Elementary School
Marcus Davis, Technology*
Nadine Davis, Lake Joy Primary School*
Walt Downing, Technology*
David English, Transportation*
Michael Folse, Technology*
Christa Franz, Hilltop Elementary School*
Cetresa Freeman, Northside Middle School
Carlo Gibson, Hilltop Elementary School*
Donna Green, Houston County High School*
James Griffin, Transportation*
Ellen Grimes, Huntington Middle School
Pamela Hagan, Matt Arthur Elementary School
Kim Hale, Transportation
Linda Hall, School Operations
Susie Hall, Matt Arthur Elementary School*
Harold Hambrick, Purchasing & Warehouse
Azeline Harris, Tucker Elementary School*
Melindy Hartley, Perry High School*
Michelle Harvey, Pearl Stephens Elementary School*
Carla Hernandez, Feagin Mill Middle School*
Dorothy Hill, Russell Elementary School*
Lori Hill, Russell Elementary School*
Michelle Hill, Morningside Elementary School*
Jacqueline Hodges, Hilltop Elementary School*
Kristin Hoffman, Thomson Middle School
Kimberly Holden, Northside Middle School
Wanda Holland, District & School Effectiveness
Mitch Horton, Veterans High School
Cheryl Hunnicutt, Warner Robins High School
Antoine Jackson, Warner Robins High School
Susan Jackson, Purchasing & Warehouse
Patty Jacobs, Veterans High School*
Angeles McCarthy Jeffreys, Veterans High School*
Deborah Johnson, Tucker Elementary School*
Sheila Johnson, Warner Robins High School*
James Lester, Transportation*
Dr. Tina Locklear, Perry High School*
Colleen Long, Quail Run Elementary School
Nicola Long, Perry High School
Tammy Love, Huntington Middle School
Tonya Maddox, Human Resources*
Regina Malcom, Hilltop Elementary School*
Brenda Marshall, Transition Academy*
Lydia Matta, Pearl Stephens Elementary School*
Gary Matthews, Russell Elementary School*
Margaret McDaniel, Matt Arthur Elementary School
Laverne McGhee, Lake Joy Primary*
Jan Melnick, Feagin Mill Middle School*
Randy Moss, Perry High School
Christy Nobles, Student Services*
Susan Payne, Perry Middle School*
Kim Quintal, Northside High School
Chris Reeves, Warner Robins High School*
Martha Rivas, Houston County High School*
Tina Scott, Northside Middle School
Catherine Sietsema, Centerville Elementary School*
Suzanne Simpson, Transition Academy
Cassandra Singleton, Lake Joy Primary School*
Cheryl Snay, Warner Robins High School*
Dr. Deona Spencer, Perry High School*
Michele Spradley, Northside Elementary School*
Rose Stroud, Warner Robins High School*
William Stuckey, Parkwood Elementary School*
Susan Taggart, Northside High School*
Bobby Taylor, Bonaire Middle School
LoRena Thomas, Westside Elementary School
Lucille Thomas, Northside Middle School
Amy Thorn, Bonaire Elementary School*
Liz Tosi, Transition Academy*
Amy Wainwright, Bonaire Primary School
Dr. Carita Walker, Northside High School
Debbie Walker, Veterans High School*
Gertrude Walker, Northside High School
April Weaks, Miller Elementary School*
Jeff Whatley, Northside High School*
Pamela White, Veterans High School*
Sylvia Wilhite, Veterans High School*
Gloria Williams, Veterans High School*
Whylie Williams, Technology
Sarah Winchester, Lake Joy Elementary School
Neil Woodrum, Transportation*
Donna Zeuner-Burkhardt, Lake Joy Elementary School