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School History

Property Purchased: 1987

Facility Constructed: 1989

School Mascot: Falcon

School Colors: Silver and Teal

School Motto: Our Future... One Child at a Time

Northside Elementary School

School Mission and Vision Statements

Our mission is to create respectful, high-achieving students

Our vision is to provide a safe learning community where students are successful.


School Facts

  • One of our most successful projects was our "trees for Peace" project during the Persian Gulf War. Each student who had a relative deployed to the war put their name on a tree in their honor. We purchased 100 dogwood trees which continue to beautify the driveway and flower beds on our campus.
  • In 1996, S.E. teacher Elena Castro was selected to have her portrait painted on the side of World of Coke in Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics.  She also carried the Olympic torch as it passed through Warner Robins.

School Awards

  • 2002: Mary Lou Ezell named Georgia Distinguished Principal
  • 2003: Georgia School of Excellence
  • 2003: School Bell Award
  • 2009: Title I Distinguished School and made adequate yearly progress for three consecutive years.

School Principal History

  • 1989-2008: Mary Lou Ezell
  • 2008-2016: Jodi Clark
  • 2016-Current: David Sams

Completed School Improvements and Renovations

  • 1998: 8 Classroom Addition
  • 2022: Renovation and Roof Replacement