The Houston County Schools' wide area network provides broadband connectivity for more than 20,000 student and staff computers. Here are some facts about our network:

Forty local area networks are interconnected with 10 gigabit backbone across each network and 1 gigabyte switched connectivity to each endpoint.

Each classroom has at least 7 network connections, and more than 10000 wireless laptop computers are available for classroom use in all classrooms.

Each school campus has several fixed and portable computer labs, with a minimum of 20 computers per lab.

Local area networks are interconnected over the wide area network at 10 gigabit bandwidth. Unite Private Networks is the WAN network provider. The Houston County School System's wide area network is connected to the Georgia Educational Network (provided by the Georgia Department of Education) at a rate of 100 megabits per school.

All Houston County Schools have made their campuses wireless with IEEE 802.11AC standards.

Both the Georgia Educational Network and Houston County Schools provide Internet filtering in order to protect our children from accessing inappropriate sites on the Internet.

All incoming e-mail and connected computers are constantly scanned for computer viruses, and all recognized viruses are either deleted or quarantined.

The Universal Services Fund, administered by the Schools and Libraries Division, provides Federal funding for Eighty percent of network connectivity costs.