Learning Options - Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Options

Q. Is there an option for my child to learn at home this coming school year?

A. The District is offering two options for students during the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19: instruction at school or distance learning at home.  The first option allows students to return to campus with enhanced health and safety protocols.  The second option is through a new Houston Virtual program.


Q. How did the district come up with the plan for the new school year?

A. To plan for the new school year, District leadership considered information from many agencies, to include the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE), Georgia High School Association, Governor Kemp’s executive orders, Houston County and North Central District Health Departments, and our local Board of Education.  The School Reopening Survey sent to our parents and employees in June resulted in 10,919 responses.  Highlights of the data include:  76.8% of parents plan to send their children to school; 15.4% need instruction digitally at home; and 38.7% plan for their child to ride the school bus.  Many of the questions included in the Frequently Asked Questions document posted on July 6, 2020, was based on input from the survey respondents. 


The GaDOE document, “Georgia’s Path to Recovery for K-12 Schools” has been especially helpful as we plan to return to in-person instruction safely.  In addition, school principals gave input and helped determine possible classroom configurations.  Capacities of large areas such as lunchrooms and auditoriums were identified, to plan for social distancing of cohorts.  We’ve worked closely with our maintenance, transportation and purchasing departments, as well, to plan for staggered custodial schedules, busing and procurement of necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).      


Q. Is the school district having in-person school to earn funding or grants for holding school at least 10 days?

A. School funding is based on enrollment, not a requirement that school must be in session for at least 10 days.  The State of Georgia requires public school systems to report enrollment twice a year, called a “full-time equivalent” (FTE) count.  FTE reports are submitted on specific dates in October and March for the students at school on those dates.  FTE counts determine state funding for the district.  Federal education funding is based on specific needs, such as the number of students who receive special education services or qualify for free or reduced-price meals.  Our district is not aware of any funds or grants that require school systems to have in-person school for a set period of time within the 180-day school year.  


Safety and PPE Requirements

Q. What will schools do to ensure the safety and health of their students and employees?

A. Our District stays in close communication with the Houston County Health Department.  Our schools will continue to coordinate with and follow the recommendations of the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), and Governor Kemp’s executive orders.

Schools will adhere to health and safety protocols to include:

  • increased hygiene and sanitation protocols;
  • enforcing social distancing where practicable;
  • utilizing directional hallways where possible;
  • keeping students with their cohort as much as possible, to include recess and lunch;
  • limiting parent and visitor access to the office area only; and
  • avoiding large gatherings, such as assemblies.


Q. Will all adults and students be required to wear a mask?

A. Face coverings are required when social distancing requirements cannot be achieved or maintained.  For example, on school buses, at bus stops, during hallway transitions, or at drop-off/pick-up. Every employee and student will be provided with a mask. 


Q. If students wear masks, how will young children be taught to keep them on all day?

A.  For young children who wear a mask, their teachers will assist them.


Q. Will visitors be allowed?  If so, will visitors be required to wear masks?

A. Parents and other visitors will be allowed in the office area, but not in classrooms or other school areas.  Visitors will wear a face covering while on campus.


Q. How will students safely navigate around the school, such as hallways, bathrooms, lunchroom, etc.?

A. As practicable, schools will utilize directional hallways.  Signage will be posted to give visual reminders.


Q. Will students be issued their own tissue box and hand sanitizer? 

A. Each classroom will be provided with hand sanitizer, paper towels, disposable gloves, tissues, bleach-free disinfectant wipes, and disinfectant cleanser for use during the school day.  Parents may send supplies for the classroom or their child’s personal use.


Q. Will temperature checks be done to ensure that no one has a fever or is ill?

A. Parents are asked to take their child’s temperature at home.  Schools will have thermometers on hand to take temperatures of anyone presenting with the symptoms of illness.  


Q. What happens when parents send their child to school when sick or a child/staff member gets sick at school?

A.  Parents must keep at home children who are ill.  Students who get sick at school will be referred to the school’s medical technician and parents will be contacted.  The District’s Student Illness Screening Protocol is included in the Plan to Reopen School.


Q. Will students be provided with PPE?

A.  Students who are referred to the medical technician will be provided with PPE if appropriate for treatment.


Q. What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

A. If a student or staff member tests positive, we will follow current Department of Public Health guidelines to address any COVID-19 situations. In addition, our district’s school nurses will work with school medical technicians to identify students who may be at greater risk.  Health Action Plans will be revised or developed as needed. 


Q. If a student in a class is confirmed positive, will there be a means to notify parents?

A. For any confirmed COVID-19 cases, the appropriate parents would be notified. 


Q. What if an on-campus student or his/her family is directed to quarantine?

A. If an on-campus student needs to be quarantined, he/she will be able to complete their work at home. 


Q. How are you able to safely keep the kids apart in classrooms that are very small?

A. This is indeed a challenge, which we have been working on the past weeks, to include identifying the capacity of large spaces, such as lunchrooms, and considering the best classroom setups.  Students will sit as far apart in the classroom as physically possible.  Based on classroom measurements, this will range from three to six feet apart.  Seating will be based on a seating chart, so that children sit in their same space every day.  They will be kept in class/academic cohorts, with interaction limited as much as possible with those outside of their cohort.  When taking breaks, they will social distance from other cohorts. Each classroom will be provided with hand sanitizer, paper towels, disposable gloves, tissues, bleach-free disinfectant wipes, and disinfectant cleanser for use during the school day.


Q. What type of masks are allowed?  For example, would a mask with designs be approved?

A. Any type of mask is allowed.  According to current CDC guidance, a face shield may be used in conjunction with a mask, but is not a substitute for a mask.  The face covering design itself should adhere to dress code rules, following conventionally accepted standards and not being a distraction.  In accordance with board policy governing student conduct, clothing - to include masks - shall be free of inflammatory, suggestive, racial, or other inappropriate writing, advertisement, or artwork.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

Q. What is the plan to keep buildings clean and sanitized?

A. Each classroom will be provided with hand sanitizer, paper towels, disposable gloves, tissues, bleach-free disinfectant wipes, and disinfectant cleanser.  The custodians will follow a schedule to clean and sanitize the building, to include classrooms.  In addition, frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned regularly.


Q. How will custodial staff sanitize students’ desks and classrooms if teachers and students are confined to that classroom?

A. Custodial work hours will be adjusted to include evening, non-school hours so they will be able to clean all areas.  In preparation for the start of school, additional cleaning and disinfecting supplies have been provided.

Q. Will water fountains be open or closed?

A. Water fountains will be closed, and schools will provide bottled water for their students.  If they choose, parents may also send bottled water with their child.

Classroom Procedures, Size, Setup and Gatherings

Q. How many students will be in a classroom?

A. Our goal is to minimize the number of students per class through scheduling.


Q. What will the classroom setup look like, such as distance between desks, placement of teacher desk, etc.?

A. Desks and tables will be separated for social distancing.  When possible, they will be six feet apart, with some three to four feet apart, depending on the classroom furniture.  To maximize the available floor space, classroom furniture will be minimized.    


Q. What about the class size for band, which typically has large numbers in the classroom, and other classes such as gym, chorus and art? 

A. Schools are working on strategies to keep students socially distanced.  As practicable, we will utilize cohorts and require appropriate spacing.  


Q. Will we provide each student with individual supplies for art and classroom projects?

A. Communal supplies will only be used if properly cleaned between uses. 


Q. Will computer labs be used?

A. If computer labs are used, they will be sanitized after use. 

Q. Will there be any student assemblies, and if so, how will this be managed?

A. There will be no assemblies at this time.


School Calendar

Q. What is the first day of the new school year?

A.  The first day of school was August 6, 2020.


Q. Why was the first day of school changed by two days, from August 4?

A. The first day of school changed to August 6, 2020, to allow teachers and administrators more time to prepare to best meet students’ needs.  Teachers will return on July 28, 2020, as planned.  In addition to traditional pre-planning activities, the two extra days will allow time to: 

  • train on COVID-19 transmission and prevention protocols for the classroom and school-at-large; 
  • provide additional professional learning to support more effective digital instruction, such as Google Classroom. 
  • extend training in social-emotional and culturally responsive instruction; and
  • prepare virtual “Meet and Greets” and new student orientations. 


School Day Schedule

Q. Will frequent hand washing be built into the schedule? 

A. Yes, schools will have a schedule for hand washing.


Q. How will students get a break from being in the classroom?  Will there be recess and other opportunities outside of the classroom?

A. Students will be given breaks or have recess with their cohort.


Q. Will the school start and end times be the same?

A. Elementary and middle schools will have the same times as usual.  To help with social distancing on buses, the high school schedule will change to a six-period day and run from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  This will allow separate bus routes for each level of school, resulting in fewer students on the bus at one time. 



Q. Will the school start and end times be the same?

A. Elementary and middle schools will have the same times as usual.  To help with social distancing on buses, the high school schedule will change to a six-period day and run from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  This will allow separate bus routes for each level of school, resulting in fewer students on the bus at one time.  



Q. How will students eat breakfast and lunch?  Will they eat in the classroom or lunchroom?

A. Students will continue to receive nutritious meals in a clean and safe environment. Depending on the specifics of each school building, a variety of options will be used to maintain social distancing.  Students may eat meals in several different locations, such as the cafeteria, classroom, or outdoor. Each of these settings will follow recommended guidance for social distancing, safety, and sanitation. 


Q. Who will have access to school meals?

A. All students, to include Houston Virtual distance learners, will have access to school meals.  Families participating in Houston Virtual will be provided information prior to the beginning of school on how to receive meals.  


Q. What types of food can I expect to be served during COVID 19?

A. Many menu items will remain the same, including student favorites such as pizza and hot sandwiches.  Schools will still be able to provide a variety of sides, such as salads, hot and cold vegetables, and fruits, although they may be served in individual containers to reduce a student’s time in line and to maintain safety measures.


Q. What safety precautions are being taken during meal service?

A. School nutrition staff members are well trained in general food safety measures and will follow up-to-date guidance related to safety and sanitation.  Items will be portioned for students instead of self-service, and utensils will be individually wrapped.


Q. Where can I find a copy of the menu that will be offered at my child’s school?

A. Updated menus are posted online on the Houston County School Nutrition webpage, www.hcbe.net/schoolnutrition, and also the School Nutrition Facebook page.


Houston Virtual Distance Learning

Q. If a student is enrolled in distance learning, will there be support for students who need special education, ELL, IEP services, speech, gifted instruction, etc.?

A. Yes, students will receive their support services.


Q. What is Houston Virtual?

A. Houston Virtual is a learning platform to deliver online courses to our students.  Elementary schools (grades K-5) will utilize Google Classroom, along with the i-Ready digital learning program.  Middle schools (grades 6-8) will use Google Classroom and Odysseyware, a digital learning program.  High school students (grades 9-12) will utilize Odysseyware.  All students will have an assigned teacher. 


Q. What is Google Classroom?

A. Google Classroom is a digital learning platform, which teachers will use to interact with their students online. Teachers use this tool to create classes, provide instruction, distribute assignments, give tests, send feedback, and see everything in one place. Video tutorials on Google Classroom are available on the district website’s eLearning Resources webpage here: https://www.hcbe.net/elearning.


Q. What is Odysseyware?

A. Odysseyware is the software used by middle and high school students.  The virtual courses are aligned to state standards and supported by professionally qualified teachers who interact with students by posting assignments, grading assignments, and messaging to distribute information and answer questions.  Over 100 courses are offered in math, science, language arts, social studies, career and technical education, foreign language, world languages, and electives.  


Q. Are there any special requirements to participate in Houston Virtual? 

A. To participate in Houston Virtual distance learning, students must:

  • commit to distance learning for the 18-week, 2nd semester; (Revised Oct. 27, 2020)
  • have a device that will connect to the internet at home (*see below);
  • have internet access at home (*see below);
  • be available for instruction during normal school hours;
  • log-in and participate in the class to be counted as present for the day;
  • meet all normal academic and attendance requirements;
  • take state-mandated standardized tests; and
  • be enrolled in the Houston County School District.


*Q. Will the district provide devices to students in distance learning?

*A. During the Houston Virtual registration process, parents may indicate the need for a device or internet access.  The District will try to assist with this need. 


*Q. My family needs to enroll in Houston Virtual, but we do not have internet access. What should we do?

*A.  During the Houston Virtual registration process, parents may indicate the need for a device or internet access.  The District will try to assist with this need. 


*Q. I have more than one child who I plan to enroll in Houston Virtual.  Will each need a device?

*A. Yes, each child will need a device. During the Houston Virtual registration process, parents may indicate the need for a device or internet access.  The District will try to assist with this need. 


Q. How do students access the virtual platforms?

A. Teachers will contact their students through their school email and other communication tools.  Elementary students will logon to the school’s Single Sign On (SSO) Portal and access the virtual platform during the weekdays to receive instruction, complete, turn in or upload assignments, and receive feedback and grades. Middle and high students will access Odysseyware through the district link.  Teachers will respond through email, phone calls, texts, and other communication tools such as ClassDojo and Edmodo.


Q. Once a student begins distance learning, will he/she be required to remain in distance learning for a certain amount of time, such as until the end of the semester?

A. Yes, students will remain in the platform until the end of the 18-week semester.  (Revised Oct. 27, 2020)


Q.  Will virtual students have the ability to meet with their teachers for assistance after school hours?

A.  The availability of teacher support after hours will be based on the teacher’s individual schedule, just as it is for on-campus school.


Q.  Will teachers have the ability to review the student’s course submissions?

A.  Yes, teachers will use the digital learning platform to review student work.


Q.  Will the virtual students be provided textbooks?

A.  Virtual students will not be given textbooks. All assignments and support resources will be online.


Q. What is the plan for students to learn virtually and in the classroom at the same pace?

A. Students who attend school and those learning virtually will follow the same curriculum and pacing guides.  Just as lessons vary by teacher from classroom to classroom and school to school, one can expect variances in virtual learning since students work at different levels.  In addition, there will be some variance in pacing by nature of the delivery model, with virtual students learning through digital platforms.


Q. Will distance learning students be held to the same attendance policy as on campus students vs. being allowed to miss as much as they want and then “catching up” at the end?

A. Houston Virtual students will be expected to attend virtual classes throughout the semester.


Q. How will attendance be taken for students in distance learning?

A. Attendance will be taken by students logging in Google Classroom or Oddysseyware.


Q. If students have a large number of absences, will they be placed in distance learning?

A.  No, students will not be placed in distance learning due to absences.


Q. If a student enrolls for virtual learning and wants to return to on campus after the 18-weeks commitment, is this possible? 

A. Families will need to enroll in the preferred learning option during an open enrollment window. The District will notify families of the open enrollment window via multiple communication channels at the appropriate time.   


Q. If we send our child to school, but during the semester decide we are no longer comfortable sending the child to school, are we able to do online learning?

A. Decisions are for a grading period.  For elementary students, a grading period is nine weeks; for secondary students, a grading period is 18 weeks. 


Q. Why is a student who is enrolled in Houston Virtual not permitted to participate in campus activities? 

A. School activities and extracurriculars are for students who attend school on campus.  On-campus students will participate in socially distanced cohorts.  For safety reasons, students who participate in distance learning will not be allowed on the school campus.  


Q. I have two children in elementary school I'd like to enroll in distance learning.  Will they have to be on the computer from 8:30-3:30 like normal school time?

A. Elementary students will not be required to be on the computer the entire school day.  Teachers will provide schedules for daily Google Classroom video conferencing lessons, and students will be provided assignments to work on when they are not attending video conferences. Students will be expected to attend daily video conference lessons and complete assigned work by due dates.


Q. Are Odysseyware courses setup to reflect only the subjects and classes that the middle and high school students should take?

A. Yes. Students will be assigned a virtual schedule based on their course needs.


Q. Will students be provided with a course schedule with times they should be working on a particular subject?

A. Students will be given a course schedule of times to meet with their teachers for lessons and support. Students will also work on assignments independently at other times.


Q. Will students be provided a course syllabus that reflects the percentage of the assignments and exams?

A. Students will receive information about assignments and grading expectations during the first week of school.


Q. Will the assignments and exams percentages be the same for Houston Virtual and on-campus students?

A. Yes. Grading weights will be the same for virtual and on-campus assignments.


Q. What electives and CTAE courses are offered for middle school through Houston Virtual?

A. Middle school students are offered the following electives and CTAE courses:

  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Business & Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering & Technology


Q. What electives and CTAE courses are offered for high school through Houston Virtual?

A. High school students are offered the following electives and CTAE courses:

  • Health 
  • Physical Education
  • Modern US Military History
  • Early US Military History
  • Psychology
  • World Geography
  • Business Communications
  • Business & Technology
  • Engineering Concepts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy
  • Foundations of Engineering and Technology
  • Legal Environment of Business


Q. Will any foreign languages be offered virtually?

A. Yes, high school students will be offered Spanish 1, 2 and 3, as well as French 1 and 2.


Q. What about Advanced Placement (AP) classes for Houston Virtual?

A.  High school students are offered the following AP courses:

  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP U.S. History
  • AP Government and Politics
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics

*Advanced Placement courses will be offered based on a minimum number of student requests.


Q. Will families arriving after July 14 be able to apply for Houston Virtual? 

A. During the enrollment process, all families will decide their zoned school or distance learning.


Q.  Will the Houston Virtual teachers work for the district?

A.  The elementary school teachers who deliver the distance learning instruction through Google Classroom work for the district, as do the support teachers for secondary students through Odysseyware.  They are highly-qualified educators, with the same credentials and professional qualifications as the teachers who will provide instruction on campus.


Q.  For Houston Virtual, would the teacher be from a student’s zoned school?

A.  Virtual teachers will be assigned classes based on the enrollment for the district by grade level and/or course. Teachers may or may not be from a student’s zoned school.


Q. How do I register my child for Houston Virtual?

A. Please visit our district website at www.hcbe.net to complete an online registration.  Parents may also complete an online registration at your child’s school.  The Houston Virtual registration will be done using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.



Q.  Will virtual and on-campus students take the same state-mandated tests?

A.  Yes, all students would be expected to take any state-mandated assessments, whether a virtual or on-campus student.


Q.  How will students take the state mandated tests?

A.  The Georgia Department of Education has requested waivers for state-mandated testing for this 2020-2021 school year.  However, these waivers to date have not been approved by the U.S. Department of Education. If students are required to take state-mandated tests, the district will provide parents with information regarding taking the assessments and any accommodations.  


Dual Enrollment

Q. If a student is dual enrolled in college courses, may they choose the virtual learning option?

A. Dual enrollment students may participate in Houston Virtual for courses they would take at their zoned high school. For their college courses, they would need to follow the guidelines provided by the college.



Q. Is Houston Virtual distance learning available for Pre-K?  If not, is there another online option for Pre-K?

A. Our only option for Pre-K is in-person instruction at school.  Other organizations in the community offer Pre-K, so you may want to check around to see if any are offering Pre-K online.  Another resource is Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, which administers the Pre-K program for the state of Georgia.  The website is:  http://www.decal.ga.gov/.


Services for Students with Disabilities

Q. Will students with disabilities continue to receive services when school reopens?

A. Yes, students with disabilities will continue to receive services as indicated in their IEP.  An IEP meeting may be held to determine most appropriate services.

Q. Will students who access Community Based Instruction continue their scheduled trips to businesses?

A. At this time, Community Based Instruction will be structured and conducted within the school building.


Q. Will social workers resume making home visits this school year?

A. Home visits will be conducted, but social workers will attempt to call parents and meet outside the residence while wearing masks.


Q. Will my student who was referred to special education be scheduled for their evaluation?

A. Yes, educational evaluations have resumed with specific safety protocols.


Q. Will special transportation resume?

A. Special transportation will resume, but with additional safety protocols.


Q. What will be done to serve my student with disabilities if we have to close school again?

A. If school is required to close, the IEP team will meet with parents to develop an appropriate distance learning plan.


Gifted and Talented Education (GTE)

Q. Will students receive gifted services whether they are in class or virtual learning?

A. Our gifted eligible students will receive their gifted curriculum through their assigned teachers. Lessons will be aligned with state gifted standards. 


Q. Will the assigned virtual teacher for gifted students teach the same as the on campus teacher for all the gifted classes?

A. Gifted students will be taught the gifted curriculum through their assigned teachers. Lessons will be aligned with state gifted standards.


Q. How would the curriculum be designed for elementary and middle school gifted students?

A. Elementary gifted students will be assigned lessons based on state standards, gifted standards, and differentiation strategies. Middle school gifted students will be assigned lessons using the Odysseyware digital learning program with differentiated lessons and enrichment components.


Q. What honors courses are offered through Houston Virtual?

A. The following honors courses are offered to our high schoolers:

  • 9th Grade Literature
  • 10th Grade Literature
  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • World History
  • U.S. History
  • U.S. Government and Politics 


Q. What happens when students will not follow social distancing procedures, such as high school students who resist rules such as normal dress code?

A. We will follow our normal discipline protocol. 


Sports and Other Extracurriculars

Q. Will students take field trips?

A. Field trips are strictly limited and approved by exception only.  (Revised Oct. 27, 2020)


Q. If my child is learning digitally at home, may he/she participate in extracurriculars or on-campus activities?

A. School activities and extracurriculars are for students who physically attend school.  Houston Virtual students will not be allowed to participate in school activities.


Q. Will we have sports this year?

A.  Our district is in close communication with the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) guidelines.  Currently, all of our schools plan to begin athletic programs as scheduled.  However, due to the fluidity of the situation we are facing, we cannot guarantee a normal season.  Parents are encouraged to reach out to their child’s athletic director or principal regarding concerns. They will be able to speak in more detail about school-specific plans.


Q.  Will students be eligible to play spring sports and participate in extracurriculars if they enroll in Houston Virtual the first semester and switch to on-campus the second semester? 

A. If they become an on-campus student, they would be eligible.  However, a student in virtual learning the first semester may not participate in any activities during the first semester, such as sports tryouts, team conditioning, fundraising, and parent meetings.


HB 251 and HB 224

Q. My family has submitted an HB 251 form to request a transfer.  If we decide to change from Houston Virtual to in-person learning for the second nine weeks, would they be in their zoned school or would they be in the HB 251 transfer school?

A.  If a family chooses Houston Virtual distance learning, it will void HB 251 because the students will not be at their zoned school. They are required to attend their zoned school for the first 10 school days. 


Q. Our military family is considering Houston Virtual.  Could we also still apply for a transfer through HB 224?

A. If a family decides to enroll in Houston Virtual distance learning, they should not complete the HB 224 form.  A military family that decides in the future to attend school on campus should then complete the form so current class sizes could be examined for space availability.



Q. What is the plan for bus transportation?

A. Buses will continue to operate, with increased hygiene and sanitation protocols.   Every bus driver and monitor will be provided a face mask.   


Q. What is the plan to keep buses clean and sanitized?

A. Each bus will be provided with hand sanitizer, paper towels, disposable gloves, tissues, and disinfectant cleanser. The drivers and monitors will follow a schedule to clean and sanitize the buses regularly.


Q. Will students be allowed to use bus passes to ride other buses?

A. At this time, bus passes will be suspended for all students.


Q. Will students be required to wear face coverings on the bus?

A. Yes, staff and students will be required to wear a face covering while on a school bus.  Unless able to social distance, students should wear a mask at the bus stop.


Q. What communication tools will teachers use to stay in touch with students and parents?

A. Email and phone calls will be the most common forms of communication.


Q. How will we have parent-teacher conferences?

A. Parent-teacher conferences may be scheduled virtually using Google Meets or may be held by phone conference.


Q. How will parents access the most current information?

A. Visit the school and district websites for the most current information. 


Updating Parent Contact Information

Q. If I’m not receiving the automated calls from the district, how do I update my contact information to receive calls in the future?

A. Please update your contact information in Infinite Campus (IC), following the directions on the IC webpage. You must first have an account to access your student’s record in this parent portal.  If you need an account, directions are also provided for first-time users.  

Infinite Campus is also used to register for Houston Virtual, so before registering your child for distance learning, please update your email address and phone numbers to include cell, work, and any other numbers. It is very important to verify your information to ensure that you receive information pertaining to Distance Learning.

Here is a direct link to the webpage: https://www.hcbe.net/infinitecampus.


Meet and Greets

Q. Will Meet and Greets still be held in person?

A. Meet and Greets and new student orientations were offered this year in creative ways, such as virtually or as a drive-through.  Each school contacted their families to communicate the plan specific to their school. 


After School Program

Q. Will elementary schools offer an After School Program this coming school year?

A. Elementary schools make decisions about having After School Programs each year based on staffing and the number of student registrations. For those schools that offer ASP programs, students will be kept in cohorts, with proper social distancing.  ASP will continue with the use of social distancing and proper hand washing/sanitizer use.  Staff members and students will wear a face covering where social distancing requirements cannot be maintained.  For more information, please contact your child's school or visit the ASP website at https://houstoncountys.schoolinsites.com/afterschoolprogram.


Plan for Outbreak

Q. What will happen if/when there is another rise in outbreak?

A. Our district will move to digital learning as needed. 


For More Information

Q. Who should I contact for more information?

A. Please contact your school for more information. 

Q. I have a general question that is not yet answered.  Where may I submit a general question?

A. Please call your child’s school or email the district at webmaster@hcbe.net.