Georgia Milestones: End of Course Resources

Georgia Milestones End of Course (EOC) assessments (formerly known as End of Course Tests or EOCTs) are required by the state of Georgia in some courses.  Public school students enrolled in and/or receiving credit for one of these courses, regardless of grade level, are required to take the Georgia Milestone assessment upon completion of the course.  This includes middle school students completing a course associated with a Georgia Milestones EOC assessment, regardless of whether they are receiving high school credit.  The results of the EOC assessments will serve as the final exam in each course, contributing to the student’s final course grade.  Students enrolling into a public school from other schools or programs are required to take and pass the Georgia Milestones EOC assessment prior to receiving credit for the course. The courses that require a Georgia Milestones EOC assessment are as follows:

  • American Literature and Composition
  • Biology
  • Algebra Concepts and Connections
  • US History


To view the testing calendar for the current school year, click here


EOC Testing Schedule

Monday, April 29             Algebra Concepts and Connections Sec 1 & 2

Tuesday, April 30            American Literature Section 1: REBW

Wednesday, May 1          American Literature Section 2 & 3

Thursday, May 2              Biology Sec 1 & 2

Friday, May 3                   US History Sec 1 & 2

Monday, May 6               Make-Up Testing

Tuesday, May 7               Make-Up Testing



Re-Test Information

Students that scored a 69 or below are eligible to retest.  Contact your child's school for more information regarding policies and procedures.  Pre-registration is required to retest.

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