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Military Family Life Counselors

Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC) for Elementary:

Bonaire (478) 230-1844 kelly.ward@hcbe.net 

Hilltop (478) 230-1844 kelly.ward@hcbe.net

Lake Joy Primary (478) 230-1918 scott.glenn@hcbe.net

Lake Joy Elementary (478) 230-1918 scott.glenn@hcbe.net

Perdue Primary (478) 235-7893 tye.walcott@hcbe.net

Perdue Elementary (478) 235-7893 tye.walcott@hcbe.net

C.B. Watson (478) 283-4184 tiffany.taylor@hcbe.net

Pearl Stephens (478)283-4184 tiffany.taylor@hcbe.net

Matt Arthur (478)235-7812  Patricia.Azab@hcbe.net


Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC) for Middle School:

Feagin Mill Middle School (478) 230-1918  scott.glenn@hcbe.net

Bonaire Middle School (478) 235-7812 Patricia.Azab@hcbe.net

Huntington Middle School (478)283-4184 tiffany.taylor@hcbe.net


Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC) for High School:

Warner Robins High School (478) 235-7808 phlandra.johnson@hcbe.net

Veterans High School (478) 235-7808 phlandra.johnson@hcbe.net

Houston County High School (478) 235-7893 tye.walcott@hcbe.net


For other schools or on the installation:

Child/Youth MFLC- (478) 538-5439 kcurry9@magellanhealth.com

Adult/Jstars MFLC-(478) 258-7430 khill9@magellanhealth.com

Adult MFLC (478) 538-1732 gpurvis9@magellanhealth.com



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