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Edge Academy
Edge Academy gives students the edge they need to overcome credit recovery issues.
Edge Academy gives students the edge they need to overcome credit recovery issues.


Dr. Shirley Randall, Administrator 
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Warner Robins, Georgia 31093
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Edge Academy is a credit recovery program to enable our high school students who have fallen behind to earn the credits they need to graduate. This program serves 9th through 12th graders who are at least five academic credits behind. Students are selected, and registered, by their home school based on academic need.

Edge Academy’s coursework is online, rigorous, individualized, teacher-led and mastery-based. Our teachers work individually with each student to customize necessary instruction to help them earn the credits needed to return to their home school. Courses are mastery-based, so students begin with a pre-assessment to help teachers determine what the student needs to master the subject.

Because the courses are all online, students have the scheduling flexibility to retake courses to earn the credits necessary to graduate on time. All courses are aligned with state standards and prepare students to test on standardized tests such as End-of-Course Tests (EOCT) and the Georgia High School Graduation Test. If a standardized test is required, the student will test at their home school.

Some of the courses offered are listed below.

Credit Recovery Course List

Mathematics 1: Algebra/Geometry/Statistics
Mathematics II: Geometry/Algebra II/Statistics
Coordinated Algebra
Analytic Geometry

Social Studies
United States History
Economics/Business/Free Enterprise

Physical Science

English Language Arts
Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
American Literature and Composition

Edge Academy enrollment is determined by your home school. To get your graduation back on track, please contact your school counselor.


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