1100 Main Street, Perry, GA 31069 PH: 478.988.6200

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Technology Services Center


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Information Systems

The Information Systems team provides the hardware and software resources for student information, human resources, payroll, financial, and property information management.

Technical Support
If you use technology, then we are here to support you! Our team provides services for hardware and software, installation and management, and maintenance..

Our helpdesk, 478 988-6145 or extension 10145, is available 07:00 – 17:00 to answer questions, help with VOIP phone numbers/messages, handle password resets and other problems logging in, assist with basic computer problems and handle urgent on-call requests.

Our technicians offer a range of experience, education, certifications and expertise relating to technology and are ready to support our school district. Each technician has a route and is assigned to particular schools on certain days and serves as the on-call technician approximately twice a month.

We take pride in Houston County and want to ensure that you have the working technology you need to assist you in helping our school district produce high achieving students.

The networking team provides the infrastructure and resources to connect over 10,000 networked computer resources to the global Internet.

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Brian Trent
Director of Technology Services

Technology Services Center

1200 Main St
Perry Georgia, 31069
(478) 988-6145

Technology Plan 2017-2020

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