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House Bill 91

Elimination of Georgia High School Graduation Test


On March 30, 2015 Governor Deal signed into law House Bill 91 (HB91) which eliminated the requirement for students to pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) in order to gain their high school diploma.  


You are eligible for your diploma if:

  • all academic course requirements for graduation were completed with a passing grade.
  • you previously failed to receive a high school diploma solely for failing to achieve a passing score on the GHSGT, its predecessor or the GHSWT.
  • the academic requirements were completed at a school in Houston County. 


I am eligible.  How do I obtain my diploma?

  • Complete the petition form found here.
  • Send the completed form to your school's counseling department.
  • The counseling department will evaluate the petition and determine if all other graduation requirements have been met, and will contact you directly about your diploma status.

For more information please see the frequently asked questions.

All requests will be completed as quickly as possible. This bill may affect many students; therefore, the validation process may take some time.  


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