Learning Device Program

Welcome to the Student Learning Devices page! The Houston County School District will issue a Google Chromebook to students in grades 1-12 to enhance instruction and provide access to technology for all. Students in grades 2-12 will be able to take their device home to ensure they have the tools needed to learn anywhere, anytime.

Student Chromebooks will come with:

  • A charger
  • A protective cover
  • An accidental damage protection plan to cover against most accidental drops, spills and breaks. An optional insurance plan that covers theft/loss can be purchased for $10 a year.

In preparation for the distribution of devices, parents and students must:

  • Read the Guide for Parents & Students; and
  • Sign the Student Learning Device Agreement. 

Both items are linked by clicking on the circles below. Parents also have the option to purchase insurance for the device.

All student devices are expected to be delivered to schools by the end of March. As a delivery date is set at each school, parents will be notified by the school.  Devices may only be given to students who have signed the Student Learning Device Agreement.

Most questions can be answered by reading the Guide for Parents & Students; however, if you have further questions, please contact the school. As schools are scheduled, principals will notify parents and information will be placed on the school website.. You can also stay updated on the process by visiting your school's social media page or website.

Guide for Parents and Students
Agreement Form
Informational Video
Optional Insurance for Devices
Frequently Asked Questions
After reading the Guide for Parents & Students, please contact your child's school should you have additional questions.