COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is it determined who is quarantined?

A. This is based on DPH guidance.  Once a positive case is reported and confirmed, school administrators investigate to identify close contacts to provide the DPH with accurate information for contact tracing. 


Q. I know someone who has been absent for more than a week.  Is this a positive case of which we’ve not been informed?

A. All extended absences are not COVID-19 positive cases. Many situations, such as another illness, an injury, staying home with a quarantined family member, family emergency, etc., could cause an absence of multiple days.


Q. Someone in my family has tested positive.  What do I need to do?

A. Contact your school or district supervisor.  For more information, review the district’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protocols flowchart on the Coronavirus Updates and Prevention Tips webpage.


Q. If my child is tested using a rapid test and receives a negative result, may he return to school?

A. If your child is tested due to possible COVID symptoms, we are not able to accept a negative rapid test result based on Department of Public Health guidelines.  In order for a student to return with a negative test, the test must be a lab-confirmed negative test result.  If a student is on quarantine from possible exposure, a negative test result does not allow a student to return early; they must stay out of school the full 14 days.


Q. If one of my children has symptoms and has been tested for COVID-19, may my other children go to school?

A. Please keep all of your children home until you receive the test results for the child who was tested. If this child receives a negative lab-confirmed test result, all of your children may return to school, as long as they are fever free and do not have symptoms. If your child receives a positive test result, then all of your children would need to stay home.  Please inform your school so an administrator may communicate with the Department of Public Health to determine the appropriate date to return to school, based on current DPH guidelines.


Q. If my child is quarantined due to a direct exposure to COVID-19, do I need to keep all my children home?

A. When you have a child on quarantine due to exposure, your other children may attend school as long as they are fever free and do not have COVID-19 symptoms.  If your quarantined child begins to show symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your medical provider and keep your other children at home.  It is also important to keep your school informed.


Q. If my child has been on quarantine due to a possible exposure, is a COVD-19 negative test required to come back to school?

A.  A negative test is not required to return to school.  Your child may return once the quarantine is completed, unless they have symptoms.


Q. Why does the quarantine period seem to be shorter than 14 days from when parents were notified about a case?

A. The quarantine period is 14 days after the last contact with a person who has COVID-19, not the point of notification. For more information about quarantine scenarios, please visit the CDC’s site, When to Quarantine.


Q. I know a student or teacher who is having to quarantine but I don’t see a case reported at their school.  Why not?

A. Individuals may quarantine for exposure outside of school, such as while shopping, attending community events, or even at home.   


Q. I’ve heard there’s a case at my school. Why isn’t it on the list?

A. The report is for confirmed positive cases, not students and staff who have been quarantined strictly as a precaution.


Q. My child’s school is listed, but I didn’t get a phone call.

A. If your school is on the list and you did not receive a call, please check Infinite Campus to ensure your contact information is current and not checked as private.  If everything is accurate, please call your school's ATS Clerk for assistance.


Q. I got a call about a case at my child’s school but I don’t see it listed yet.  How long before a case is added?

A. The COVID Cases at Houston County Schools report will be updated weekly on the District’s Coronavirus Updates and Prevention Tips webpage. 


Q. What individuals are included in the COVID Cases at Houston County Schools report?

A. The report includes all students and school-based personnel, as well as employees who are not assigned to a school. This includes not only teachers, but also paraprofessionals, cafeteria workers, custodians, front office staff, administrators, ASP workers, bus drivers, maintenance workers, etc.