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Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Cindy  Flesher
Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Services
478-988-6200  Ext:10241
Email Mrs. Flesher
Mrs. Tonya  Maddox
Director of Personnel
478-988-6200  Ext:10251
Email Mrs. Maddox
Ms. Sharon  S. Moore
Director of Professional Learning
478-988-6228  Ext:10228
Email Ms. Moore
Mrs. Kristen  Smith
Director of Employee Benefits
478-988-6200  Ext:10249
Email Mrs. Smith
Ms. Michele  Casey
Coordinator, Certification
478-988-6244  Ext:10242
Email Ms. Casey
Mrs. Valerie  Thomas
Coordinator, Classified
478-988-6200  Ext:10243
Email Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Renee  Morris
Specialist, Compensation
478-988-6200  Ext:10397
Email Mrs. Morris
Ms. Shakita  Whitfield
Specialist, Employee Benefits
478-988-6200  Ext:10139
Email Ms. Whitfield
Mrs. Stephanie  Smith
Administrative Assistant for the Deputy Superintendent
478-988-6200  Ext:10240
Email Mrs. Smith
Mr. Michael  Folse
Curriculum Integration Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:10172
Email Mr. Folse
Mrs. Meghan  Spigener
Curriculum Integration Specialist
478-988-6200, 10170
Email Mrs. Spigener
Mr. Larry  Thomas Wadsworth, Jr
Curriculum Integration Specialist
478-988-6200  Ext:10171
Email Mr. Wadsworth
Mrs. Audrey  Randall
Associate, Employee Benefits
478-988-6169  Ext:10169
Email Mrs. Randall
Ms. Alice  Faulconer
Human Resources Applications Secretary
478-988-6200  Ext:10604
Email Ms. Faulconer
Mrs. Yong  O`Hara
478-988-6200  Ext:10777
Email Mrs. O`Hara
Mrs. Tiffany  Pinkney
Human Resources Secretary
478-988-6244  Ext:10244
Email Mrs. Pinkney
Mrs. Pam  Sharp
Absence Management Secretary
478-988-6138  Ext:10138
Email Mrs. Sharp
Mrs. Rosie  M Swan
Professional Learning Secretary
478-988-6228  Ext:10228
Email Mrs. Swan

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